Egyptian Chronicles: About Khaled El-Genndy’s scandal

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

About Khaled El-Genndy’s scandal

I remember once that I read Ibrahim Eissa in his daily column at Al Dostor Daily speaking about how the State security blackmails the sheikhs and the clerics in Egypt by records of documents and films about their financial and sexual scandals .

It is not something new in Egypt , it was always there and it is a constant thing in dictatorship based on fear . The holy man will think twice before attacking the regime for fear their holy image will be shaken or even destroyed if the public knows his other dark side. Some times it is not about blackmail but just to create something to make the people busy in instead of things that matter “For example issuing some nasty laws or covering some serious political or economic issue”  as a sort of distraction.

The examples are many and here I would like to remind with the infamous sex scandal of the ex-monk from 7 years ago “or even more”  I do not remember what the regime game then but I know that it was as usual dirty , unfortunately the magic turned against magician and what ever they wanted to achieve did not worth the anger of the Christians .

I remember that column of Eissa when I followed the new scandal of Sheikh Khaled El-Genndy on the pages of the Official national state Owned Newspapers in these days.

Khaled El-Genndy is another famous Islamic preacher whose fame is jondi associated with the TV and the new middle high and high classes. On the contrary of Amr Khaled , El-Genndy is graduated from Al Azhar which gives him more creditability , still his life is more controversial and his fatwas and opinions are far more controversial.

He once said that he married secretly “Urfi” marriage and divorced and once said that he used to marry a Christian lady ,then he divorced her ..etc .

Anyhow El-Genndy seemed to me to be accepted by the regime more than any other TV Preacher , he used to appear weekly on Al Bait Baitak to speak in religious stuff.

Last week I found out the national newspapers began to attack  him widely speaking about a scandal that happened to him in the ER&TV main building .

According to the national newspapers “Rosa Al Youssef” and “Al Gomhouria” last week after finishing the show El-Genndy with co-host Mahmoud Saad , went down to the parking of the TV building , as usual there were  those who wanted to deliver their complains and problems to them in a hope that they can help ,especially Saad . Among those people a fat strong veiled woman pushed her way through the crowd till she reached to El-Genndy and without no introduction he punched him so violently that his glasses were broken and he fall down !! Then she began to scream

Damn you as you doomed my house and my kids’ house

Saad tried to stop here asking her what was wrong but she screamed at his face saying

This is something personal between me and him

well to be honest if anyone hears these words ,he or she will think that there is something between this lady and El-Genndy ,still Islam orders us to be careful when dealing with rumours and such accusations.

Rosa Al Youssef and Al Gomaharia daily newspapers turned it to Cairo’s newest and latest sex scandal ,despite we do not know who that  lady was , but unfortunately El-Genndy is the kind of personality people expect to have an affair using his influence

I was not surprised from “Rosa Al Youssef”’s attack because the ex-leftist now secular publication always hates and attacks every thing Islamic ,this beside its tabloid nature.But I was surprised to find “Al Gomaharia” involved in this scandal like this, of course I should not be surprised because after all it is a state owned newspaper full of the regime’s lies and hate towards its opponents still El-Genndy is not an opponent . The strange thing is that it published exclusively screen caps from the CCTV of the TV building , I mean the CCTV of the TV building should not be leaked to the public like this , who leaked them !!??large_4518_51555

Here is the screencap

The assault was followed by an order from the minister of information himself Anas El-Faky to cancel his appearance in the TV show immediately without no further explanation or investigation. It was like a media circus , there were many people who are waiting for his fall.

Despite I do not like El-Genndy ,I felt that there is something wrong from the national newspaper coverage , I know that this kind of escalation in media is by the order of the regime ,but I could not figure ,why as I hinted El-Genndy is a regime friendly , so what did El-Genndy do ??

I was right in my speculation because my mom told me that accidentally she had seen El-Genndy from two weeks , and the TV preacher made a horrible mistake when he said that the President is an employee who pays his taxes in reference to the infamous incident of the Dates crate , mom told me that Saad face turned white .

Anyhow today and the day before Khaled El-Genndy media machine fired back , the man won’t be silent on this terrible attack. He got lots of friends in the media that would back him .

He appeared in “Cairo Today” show , already it was the show that made him famous . There he said that there was nothing personal between him and that lady . Yasmin El-Khayam , the famous Islamist singer and activist called and told that she knew that lady  whose name is “Tagrid” , a mid 40s single lady originally from Port Said,she suffers from illusions and she caused trouble to Yasmin before when she assaulted others because she believed they were plotting against her.

I believe “Yasmin” ,yes some people do not like her but I respect her and I think “Yasmin” is a devoted Muslim and she would not lie to protect anyone .

From two days ago the police arrested “Tagrid” and after little chitchat with the authorities , the D.A decided to send “Tagrid” to the hospital as it turned she was sent by a divine order to clear Islam from people like El-Genndy and that she got a secret not to be shared with anyone except Sheikh Al Azhar.  According her neighbours , she is unstable. Yasmine was honest.

Now how did the CCTV video reach to the media ??

and why are the national newspapers and magazines attacking him after this ??

I mean Rosa Continued her attacking wondering why they considered the lady insane ,despite the fact the regime in Egypt always like to play the insanity game every now and then !!??

Akher Saa , the weekly magazine made the scandal as its topic , this cover time they made an interview with “Tagrid” and again she appeared as the divine messenger

“Al Gomhouria” which El-Genndy said to be suing soon for defaming him , began to spoke moderately about the incident after beginning so involved.

I do not defend El-Genndy , he got his fans to defend him .But I am just wondering about the role of the state and how a person can be defamed and destroyed for saying something about that is true about the president.

El-Genndy was not wrong or lied when he said that the President is an employee who pays his taxes , in respectable countries the President pays the taxes .

By the way I thank the honest D.A and Lady Yasmine because they saved the Egyptian people from a distraction made by the regime , the regime wanted the Egyptian people to speak about El-Genndy scandal instead of our economic disaster.

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  1. N. American Princess6/19/2008 12:59:00 AM

    Funny...I was watching this beit beitak episode...the host, Mahmoud was getting somewhat annoyed with Khaled El Gendy who was defending Al Azhar and the fatwas that come out of it. There was another scholar who had criticized al Azhar..i think he last name was al-Banna...and Mahmoud kept saying that that guy was entitled to his opinion but El Gendy kept going on and on even when Mahmoud tried to change the topic several times.

    I have to say re: this strange incident you mentioned with the insane lady and the state media turning on him...well he may have pissed off the wrong person in private and not public...most of the really important things happen behind closed doors.

    Let me know how this turns out. I'm curious because I watched him on another show discussing the dream he had of Sayidda Zeinab. Interesting man.

    It has been my experienced that no matter how religious or spiritual men or women are...they are still human. And humans are flawed and make mistakes. It is why we must always ask God for forgiveness..tauba.

  2. @n.americanprincess, Gamal AL banna ,you mean , the brother of Hassan AL Banna , this old man I feel that he wants to be famous like his brother , I find his opinions are ridiclous
    About El-Genndy I think it made by the gov't to keep the people's attention from important stuff ,like the laws in the assemlby , the prices and the high school exams which made people mad
    for sure he will pay the price of this incident despite he may look innocent till now , the lady seemed to be really troubled

  3. Thanks for your post, it fare and very decient. Just would like to know, why You didn't mention the reason of not liking El-Gendy. I find him amazing that he never contradicts himself. His rationales are very reasonable. All of his comments make a lot of sense and he always suports his opinion and islamic laws by facts. As an educated person, I find him really capable of making a person truly believe in Islam and not just being labled "Moslem".

  4. Talking about people scandals is not an islamic behavior. Are you Muslim? If you were in a scandal situation you would wish that you would not be exposed. Why do you mention this story? Do you want just to attract people to your blog by writing about scandals? There are so many other decent ways in which you can attract people.

  5. @anonymous, may be because he speaks in the national TV and I know what price you have to pay to appear on it

    @Andy , did you read the post very well before focusing only on the scandal part ?? My dear check again my blog because true Muslims do not jump in to conclusions like that , I do not need to attract people in this cheap way

  6. Your response to me was nonsense. You did not give any logical explanation to your post. Of course I have read all your post very well and still didn't find a reason to talk about other people scandals. Just give me one reason for your post. I don't jump to conclusions, but you are the one that has nothing to say. This is a cheap way to attract people. I hope you come up with a better answer this time, which I doubt.

  7. I respect your opinion Andy , what is logic explanation of my post your want to hear ?? You are insisting one something whic unfortunately is not true , I will quote those paragraphs from my post
    "I do not defend El-Genndy , he got his fans to defend him .But I am just wondering about the role of the state and how a person can be defamed and destroyed for saying something about that is true about the president.
    El-Genndy was not wrong or lied when he said that the President is an employee who pays his taxes , in respectable countries the President pays the taxes ."
    I can't be more clear in my words

  8. Are you trying to tell me that your post was about the Egyptian government? That's a very clever way from you to drift from the real motive of the post, but I don't buy your story. If you realy wanted to focus on the Egyptian government you could have mentionned more about it in your article instead of just few lines. Your post was obviously about El-Gendy and no one else. Please don't try to fool anybody.

  9. i give u my emil if u like to say somthing 2me this mr.khald el gendy we r in time evry one need some one like u.i hope we have 100 khald el gendy u r very find man i dont caer abut yr privet live .but evry time u and the gerat mohmud saad on el beit beitak u dont bilve if i say to u its (haven)keep on going god keep u 4us and remeber(rbana la toakezna ala ma faalhwo alsofahaa mna)


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